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Welcome To Jerung Wheels

Welcome to the home of Kaabo electric scooters in Malaysia. Jerung Wheels is the sole distributor of Kaabo in Malaysia. We focus only on one brand. We provide sales, warranty, after sales, repairs, spare parts and everything in between so you always have a place to come back home in case your Kaabo is misbehaving. We have e-scooters ranging from entry-level if you're just starting out, to mid-range if you're a seasoned rider, and extreme-level for the ultimate enthusiasts.

Your Journey Has Just Begun

At Jerung Wheels, we strive to make your journey with us a worthwhile one. And to ensure that, we take the responsibility to provide original spare parts and high quality accessories for your wheels. Of course, this is coupled with Jerung Medic's first class friendly after-sales service. Check out the largest and most comprehensive spare parts list that you can find among any e-scooter brands in Malaysia. We take care of your journey while you focus on your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric scooter is a very niche market and it is okay to have questions. We get thousands of enquiries and we strive to answer all of them in a timely manner. Feel free to fire up the live chat and our agent will be assisting you shortly. In the meantime, here are some of the common questions that you might find useful answers to.

Are e-scooters legal in Malaysia?

This is the most common question that we get. E-scooters are very new but they’re slowly becoming a common sight. They’re categorized as Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV) or Personal Mobility Device (PMD) and classified under Micromobility Vehicles. The unique proposition that e-scooters offer is the fact that they can be ridden on any terrain whether its on road, off-road, pedestrian lanes, bicycle lanes or even motorbike lanes. This make e-scooters the most versatile transportation method ever existed. Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) has officially announced that e-scooters are legal to be ridden in gated & guarded housing areas, recreational areas and road shoulders.  When riding e-scooters always follow the “common sense rules”. You may refer to this video by JPJ Malaysia.

What are the "common sense rules"?

After years of riding e-scooters, here are some of the common sense rules that we have identified and you should follow:

  • ALWAYS wear a safety helmet. Seriously. No matter how short the distance that you will be travelling, never get on an e-scooter without a helmet at least. It is highly encouraged to use a full-face helmet with proper safety rating. Don’t settle for less. There is no common sense rule that supersedes this one. Period.
  • ALWAYS obey the road regulations. Follow the road signs and do not disobey the traffic light signs. They’re there for a reason.
  • ALWAYS be alert of your surrounding. No matter how slow you are riding, a slight distraction can lead to disaster, just like any other vehicle. Be courteous and give way to others.
  • ALWAYS keep your hands on the handlebar firmly. You are only as good a rider as your ability in maneuvering your e-scooter. Your palms should never be anywhere else other than the handle grips while riding.
  • ALWAYS be seen. E-scooters are mostly flashy with beautiful lighting and while ironically using electric power which is the “fuel” of every PEV, they’re added for a specific purpose; visibility. Turn them on so others can easily see you.
  • ALWAYS keep distance from other riders. Having a small wheelbase, PEV riders can make unpredictable maneuvers when avoiding hazards and it can be too late for you to avoid it if you’re tagging too closely.
  • ALWAYS check your tires pressure before riding. Make sure they are properly inflated and have excellent grip.
  • ALWAYS check your brakes before riding. Brakes are wear-and-tear items that do require servicing every now and then. If your e-scooter’s brakes are malfunctioning, do not ever risk yourself by riding it. Even in emergencies!
  • AVOID riding on the highways. While some of the e-scooters are extremely powerful like our Kaabo Wolf Warrior series, it doesn’t mean that you should ride them on the highways. Until our government doesn’t declare highways as a safe place for e-scooters, or a dedicated infrastructure gets built for PEVs, please, just don’t ride on the highways.
  • AVOID densely packed pedestrian streets. You can be a hazard to others.
  • NEVER ride a PEV with more than one rider. Big NO! It’s called a “Personal Electric Vehicle”, not a “Couple Electric Vehicle” for a reason. This is a very big mistake many newbies make. You can never land an emergency with another rider onboard and you risk their lives. Riding with children onboard? That’s even out of the question! That’s why these are common sense rules! Every rider MUST ride their own PEVs separately.
  • NEVER use a smartphone while riding an e-scooter. Just like any other vehicles. Please!
  • NEVER race while riding a PEV. If you need your adrenalin fix, please take it to the race track with proper gears and safety. On the road, always obey the speed limits.

Are e-scooters safe to ride?

If you follow our common sense rules above, yes they are. E-scooters are mostly ridden while standing and this gives you better options to eject seconds before a mishap. If you ever get into such situation, just remember, nothing is more precious than your life.

Are e-scooters reliable?

E-scooters technology has advanced rapidly over the past years and modern e-scooters are more reliable than the older ones. Modern e-scooters are able to give better range, have more power and are built better. Our Kaabo e-scooters are made with forged aero-grade Aluminum that are lightweight yet extremely durable making it the perfect material for their body construction. It is important to be confident with your e-scooter, so invest in one that gives you peace of mind like our Kaabo e-scooters. There is always a possibility of breakdown just like any other vehicles, so we highly encourage you to buy an e-scooter from a local dealer that has a dedicated service centre so you can get them checked if there is a problem. If you are buying an e-scooter online and the seller does not have a dedicated service centre, do it at your own risk as most e-scooter sellers might not have the spare parts or tools to fix it.

What are the most common e-scooter problems?

The most common problems are usually wear-and-tear problems like tires and brakes. Other problems that you might encounter are electronics related including wiring, power controller, motor or battery. It is important to take note that while these e-scooters run on batteries, these batteries are configured to deliver high outputs and should never be explored by non-professionals. One wrong step could lead to hazardous consequences including explosions and fire! If your e-scooter is not turning on, please send it immediately to the authorized service centre to get it fixed. Our Kaabo e-scooters are pre-installed with safety Battery Management Systems (BMS) that prevent hazards and will automatically turn off if it detects any anomalies. If that happens, quickly contact our awesome customer representative and schedule an appointment to get it checked.

Are e-scooters environmentally friendly?

E-scooters are very environmentally friendly. Powered entirely by electric, they don’t use fossil fuels and hence reduce carbon footprint. Most of the parts, including the batteries can be recycled and reused. They also help in reducing traffic jams and promote healthy lifestyle while riding in standing position.

How long can an e-scooter ride on a full charge?

It is weird that we get this question a lot. The proper question should be, “How far can an e-scooter ride on a full charge?”. The answer to that boils down to several parameters. The distance that an e-scooter can travel depends on the weight of the e-scooter, the total payload (weight of the rider + accessories mounted on it), the terrain (flat roads vs hills), the battery capacity, the riding pattern and the speed of the e-scooter. For example, a rider that weighs around 70kg riding the Kaabo Mantis 10 Pro that has a 60V 25AH battery + 3360W peak power and no additional accessories mounted, riding on a flat surface, averaging between 35km/h – 40km/h on Eco mode would easily be able to get around 60km – 70km range on a full charge.

The same rider, riding a Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT that has 60V 35AH battery + 5400W peak power could get around 80km – 90km range on a full charge. The more work done by the e-scooter will result in reduction of the total range accordingly.



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