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Sometime in 2019, the trend of electric scooters slowly unfolded as e-scooter and other electric powered portable vehicle hobbyists and communities started emerging. In a matter of months, the streets were swarming with more e-scooters than the country had ever seen before, capturing attention among the public, turning heads as they strolled by. It was then realized, that the country needed more options of high-quality electric transportation means.

Started from the humble beginnings in Selangor, Malaysia, where the weather is warm and humid all year long, Jerung Wheels (Shark Wheels) was founded in 2020 by three enthusiasts who didn't really know that the once sought after hobby would someday become a full-fledged establishment for them. In the pursuit of promoting eco-friendly mobile transportation methods, fused with the love for adventure, Jerung Wheels became a local hub for everything portable electric vehicles.

It was definitely not the easiest year to kick a startup. The country was under turmoil with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard, hundreds of thousands of businesses shutting down, people losing jobs, while everyone was learning how to adapt to the new norm. However, in support of the government exclaims on the need to generate the economy again, we gathered all of our life savings and attempted the impossible to make it possible with a little spark of hope that every little step will make a difference. We do hope that someday when the pandemic is over, we can turn back to this page again and smile happily that it was all worth it.

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